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THE WAY (1973)

Son Come Out   Son Come Out
You're Caught In A World  You're Caught In A World
Song Of Joy
Come On Down  Come On Down
Closer To God
New Song  New Song
There's A Love
He's The Reason To Go On  He's The Reason To Go On
Harvest Time
Are You Listening?

CREDITS: Produced by The Way. Engineers: Buck Herring, Buddy King. RECORDED: Buddy King Studio, Huntington Beach CA/Except: New Song and Song of Joy, recorded at Mama Jo's, North Hollywood CA. REMIX: Chuck Johnson, Mama Jo's, N. Hollywood CA. DESIGN: Gary Arthur. ART: Neal Buchanan. PHOTOGRAPHY: Woody Blackburn. CLAY SCULPTURES Front Cover: Tracy Guthrie. Special thanks to Tom Stipe, Chuck Butler, Tom Coomes and Chuck Girard.

CAN IT BE? (1975)

A Cowboy's Dream
Days of Noah  Days of Noah
I've Been Sealed
Do You Feel The ChangeDo You Feel The Change?
Livin' On The Bottle  Livin' On The Bottle
Sittin' In The Pew  Sittin' In The Pew
Bearded Young Man
Can It Be?  Can It Be

CREDITS: PRODUCED by Al Perkins. Engineer: Bill Taylor. Mixdown: Al Perkins & Bill Taylor. RECORDED at: Mama Jo's Studio, N. Hollywood CA. MAstered by: Bernie Grundman, A&M Records. String Arrangements on "Bearded Young Man", Dave Diggs. Keyboards: Michael Escalante-except piano on "A Cowboy's Dream", Dave Diggs. Pedal Steel Guitar on "A Cowboy's Dream", Al Perkins. Front Cover Airbrush: Don Dixon. Album Concept: Dana Angle. Design & artwork: Neal Buchanan.

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